History - OnThisDay - June 7th. 1702 - Louis George, Margrave of Baden-Baden - Nicknamed: Hunter Louis

June 7th. 1702 marks the birth of Louis George (in German: Ludwig Georg)
of Baden-Baden. His birth took place at Schloss Ettlingen in Germany.


His parents were Louis William of Baden-Baden and
Duchess Sibylle of Saxe-Lauenburg.


Already at the age of four, Louis George became Margrave of Baden-Baden.
However his mother acted as regent and she did that very well. Due to his
mother Baden-Baden had no longer debts.

Love and Marriage

When Louis George was sixteen years old he fell in love with Marie Leszcynska.
She was the daughter of the former King of Poland. However they actually never
reunited. Instead she married King Louis XV of France and later she became
Queen Consort.

In the summer of 1720 Louis George and his mother traveled to Prague to find
a suitable bride. The lucky one was Maria Anna of Schwarzenberg. She was the
daughter of Prince Adam Franz of Schwarzenberg. The two married on April 8th.
1721. They would have four children but only one survived childhood.

As a wedding gift his mother gave Louis George a hunting lodge at Fremersberg.

In 1755 Maria Anna of Scwarzenberg died. After her death Louis George married

On July 10th. 1755 he married Maria Anna of Bavaria. She was the daughter of
Holy Roman Emperor, Charles VII. They would have no children.


Louis George, Margrave of Baden-Baden loved hunting. That's why he received
his nickname: 'Hunter Louis'.


On October 22nd. 1761, Louis George died at Schloss Rastatt in Germany.
He was succeeded by his brother George Augustus.

Source picture: Wikipedia

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