Royal Destinations - United Kingdom - Royal Observatory in Greenwich

When an institution has the prefix 'royal' in its name, it is certainly worth
to mention it as Royal Destination.

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich (known as the Royal Greenwich
Observatory or RGO) even played an important role in the history of
astronomy and navigation. In front of the observatory there is the
prime meridian of Greenwich.

Royal Observatory in Greenwich - United Kingdom

Some history

In 1675 the Royal Observatory was commissioned by King Charles II and the
foundation stone was laid on August 10th. Sir Christopher Wren chose
this particular site.

King Charles II also appointed John Flamsteed as first Astronomer Royal.
The building was completed in 1676 and then people called it often:
Flamsteed House, to refer to its first occupant.

On October 1884 the Royal Observatory in Greenwich was voted as the
World's Prime Meridian at a Conference.

Prime Meridian Greenwich - United Kingdom

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