History - OnThisDay - July 18th. 1501 - Isabella of Austria, Queen Consort of Denmark and Norway

Isabella of Austria was born on July 18th. 1501 in Brussels.


Her parents were Philip I of Castile and Joanna of Castile (called
the mad).

Her grandparents were:
Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor
Mary, Duchess of Burgundy
King Ferdinand II of Aragon
and Isabella I of Castile

She was the sister of inter alia:
Emperor Charles V
Eleanor, Queen of Charles
Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor
Mary, Queen of Hungary
Catherine, Queen of Portugal

In her childhood, Isabella of Austria spent her time with her aunt
Margaret of Austria, who was then the governor of the Habsburg

Love and Marriage

On August 12th. 1515, Isabella married King Christian II of
Denmark in Copenhagen.

In the first years of their marriage, Isabella had a lot of concurrence
of her husband's mistress.  In 1517 this mistress died and the
marriage improved.

Queen Consort of Denmark and Norway

In 1515, Isabella was crowned as Queen Consort of Denmark and Norway.
There she took the name Elizabeth.

In 1520, King Christian II took the throne of Sweden

In 1521, King Christian II was disposed as King of Sweden

In 1523, due to familial problems, King Christian II and Isabella were
disposed as King and Queen Consort of Denmark and Norway.


In 1523 Isabella and her husband left Denmark. The family traveled to
Germany to gain support for Christian's case. They visited Saxony and
Berlin. Later the couple and their children moved to the Netherlands


In 1525, Isabella became seriously ill. She died on January 19th. 1526
at the castle of Zwijnaarde (near Ghent). She only was 24 years old.

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