History - OnThisDay - July 1st. 1534 - King Frederick II of Denmark

On July 1st. 1534, Frederick II was born in Haderslev, Denmark.


His parents were King Christian III of Denmark and Dorothea of


On January 1st. 1559, Frederick became King of Denmark and
Norway. From an early age he was interested a lot in the military.

It couldn't be no surprise that there was a war during his reign.
In 1563 Frederick tried to conquer Sweden but this became no
success.Finally a peace treaty was signed in 1570.

Besides this war, Frederick wanted to support the protestant powers.
Queen Elisabeth I of England made him Knight of the Garter.

As a person Frederick was described as hot-heated, courageous and
ambitious. He loved wine, hunting and women.

For Denmark, this was a period of growth.

Love and Marriage

Some sources said that Frederick wanted to marry his mistress,
Anne of Hardenberg, but finally people persuaded him not to do this.

Instead, King Frederick II of Denmark married on July 20th. 1572
Sophie of Mecklenburg-Güstrow. They would have 8 children.


On April 4th. 1588, Frederick died in Antvorskov in Denmark. He was
buried in the Roskilde Cathedral.

Source pictures: Wikipedia

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