History - OnThisDay - July 22nd. 1478 - Philip the Handsome

Philip the Handsome was born on July 22nd. 1478 in Bruges (Belgium).


His parents were Mary, Duchess of Burgundy and Maximilian I,
Holy Roman Emperor.

Philip the Handsome was named after his great-grandfather, through
his mother, Philip the Good.

Love & Marriage

After the death of his mother, Mary, Philip inherited her Burgundian
possessions under the guardianship of his father.

In 1493, Frederick III, Holy Roman Empire died and Philip's father
Maximilian became the new emperor.

In 1494 Maximilian signed the Treaty of Senlis and Philip took over
the rule of the Burgundian lands. However the real power was in the
hands of a council of Burgundian nobles.

On October 20th. 1496, Philip the Handsome married Joanna, a
daughter of King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of
Castile in Lier, Belgium.

Philip's sister Margaret married John, Prince of Asturias (the brother of

Philip the Handsome and Joanna would have 6 children together.

Reign in Spain?

In 1500 the succession of the Castilian and Aragonese crowns was in
troubles. John had died in 1497 and Joanna's elder sister Isabella, wife
of Manuel I of Portugal, died in 1498. Her son Miguel died during the
summer of 1500.

Now Joanna became the heir. However the Cortes of Aragon refused
this, because King Ferdinand could produce another heir. In the
Kingdom of Castile it was clear.

In 1502 Philip and Joanna and a large part of the Burgundian Court
traveled to Spain to persuade the Cortes.

Afterwards they moved back to the Low Countries (first Philip and
then Joanna). In 1504, Queen Isabella of Castile died and Joanna was
heir to the crown of Castile. Philip was summoned to Spain to become
a King.

In 1506, en route to Spain, Philip and Joanna were caught in a storm
and their ship arrived totally lost at the Dorset coast in England. The
couple became 'guests' of King Henry VII of England but in fact they
were hostages. Philip was forced to sign a treaty.

Finally on April 28th. 1506 Philip and Joanna landed at Corunna.
There the two met King Ferdinand of Aragon but it turned out in
a huge quarrel. King Ferdinand of Aragon even accused Philip of
taken captive his wife, Joanna. However they signed a treaty on
June 27th. 1506 and Philip was proclaimed King of Castile.


On September 25th. 1506, Philip died suddenly at Burgos due to
typhoid fever. Rumors spoke of poisoning and that is what his wife,
Joanna believed. His wife refused to allow his body to be buried.
Finally Philip I is entombed at the Royal Chapel of Granada in

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