History - OnThisDay - July 25th. 1554 - A royal wedding between England and Spain

On July 25th. 1554 an important wedding took place at the Winchester cathedral
in England.

The marriage between Queen Mary I of England and Philip, Prince of Asturias (the
later King Philip II of Spain) was arranged and had a lot of political influence.

In England the nobles didn't like the idea of a marriage between their Queen and
someone from the House of Habsburg. They feared the independence of England.

Besides that Philip could not speak English. The two spoke to each other in a mix
of Spanish, French and Latin.

Family ties

Queen Mary I of England was the daughter of King Henry VIII of England and
Catherina of Aragon.

Philip II was a son of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and Isabella of Portugal
Charles V's mother, Joanna of Castile, was the daughter of King Ferdinand II of
Aragon. Joanna and Catherina were thus sisters.

Political influences

For the marriage an act, a kind of business contract, was made. It specified
what Spain can expect from the union.

Due to the marriage, Philip could bear the titles King of England and Ireland.
All official documents were signed with both their names: Mary and Philip
as well.


On November 17th 1558, Mary died in St. James's Palace in London.
The royal couple had no children. With her death, Philip
lost his right to the throne of England. Upon Mary's death, Elizabeth I
became the new Queen.

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