History - OnThisDay - July 2nd. 1698 - Francesco III d' Este

July 2nd. 1698 marks the birth of Francesco Maria d' Este.
This took place at the Ducal Palace of Modena (now Italy).

Duchy of Modena

The Duchy of Modena was formed in 1452. In 1849 the
Duchy was annexed by Piedmont-Sardinia.


His parents were Rinaldo d' Este, Duke of Modena and
Duchess Charlotte of Brunswick-Lünenburg.

Love and Marriage

Francesco III d' Este married Charlotte Aglaé d' Orléans.
She was the daughter of Philippe d' Orléans and
Françoise Marie de Bourbon.

The couple would have ten children.


On October 26th. 1737, Francesco III d' Este became Duke
of Modena and Reggio.

During his reign he had to deal with high debts. This was
caused by Wars of the Spanish, Polish and Austrian succession.

Therefore, Francesco had to sell a lot of art works from the
Estense Gallery.


Francesco III d' Este died on February 22nd. 1780 at the age of 81.

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