History - OnThisDay - July 5th. 1321 - Joan of the Tower

Joan of England was born on July 5th. 1321 in the Tower of London.


Her parents were King Edward II of England and Isabella of France.
Her siblings were the later King Edward III of England, John of Eltham,
Earl of Cornwall and Eleanor of Woodstock.

Love and Marriage

On July 17th. 1328, Joan of England married the future  King David II
of Scotland. At that time she was seven years old he only four years!
Although this marriage lasted for 34 years, it was regarded as loveless.

Queen consort of Scotland

On June 7th. 1329, David became King of Scotland after the death of
King Robert I of Scotland. David was crowned in Scone Abbey in
November 1331.

After the Battle of Halidon Hill in 1333, David and Joan went on exile
in France. There the couple lived at Château Gaillard and King Philip VI
of France treated them with regard.

Joan and David were able to return to Scotland in 1341 but later the
Battle of Neville 's Cross took place in 1346. David II was taken prisoner
and he was forced to stay in England for eleven years.

King Edward III of England allowed his sister to visit her husband but
she never became pregnant.


Joan of the Tower died on September 7th. 1362 at the age of 41.

Source picture: Wikipedia
On The picture: King Philip VI of France, King David II of Scotland
and Joan of the Tower.

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