History - OnThisDay - July 8th. 1545 - Carlos, Prince of Asturias

Carlos, Prince of Asturias was born on July 8th. 1545 in Valladolid,


His parents were King Philip II of Spain and Maria Manuella of

He was the grandson of Emperor Charles V.

Love and Marriage?

In 1559, Carlos was betrothed to Elizabeth of Valois, the eldest
daughter of King Henry II of France and Catherine de' Medici.
Due to political reasons she married Carlos' father,
King Philip II of Spain.

Three other brides were proposed to Carlos:
Mary, Queen of Scots;
Margaret of Valois;
Anna of Austria (who should later marry to ..... King Philip II of


In 1560, Carlos was declared heir-apparent of the Castilian throne
and later to the Crown of Aragon as well. He also became knight
in the order of the Golden Fleece.

Carlos was in correspondence with his aunt Margaret, who governed
the Low Countries. He disliked the Duke of Alba very much because
this position was promised to him.

Then he had contacts with Lamoral, Count of Egmont, who was a
general and a statesmen in the Low Countries. Later the Count of
Egmont was beheaded.

In 1567, Carlos wanted to flee to the Netherlands but his plans
were told to King Philip II.

On January 17th. 1568, just before midnight, King Philip II of
Spain and four councilors entered Don Carlos' bedroom. He was
arrested and had to stay inside.


Carlos, Prince of Asturias died on July 24th. 1568 at the age of
20. Some legends said that he was poisoned on his father's order,
however it is proven that Carlos developed eating disorders and
he became very thin ...

Carlos was buried in El Escorial in Spain.  

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