History - OnThisDay - August 16th. 1573 - Anne of Austria, Queen of Poland

Anne of Austria was born on August 16th. 1573 in Graz, Austria


Her parents were Charles II, Archduke of Austria and
Maria Anna of Bavaria. By birth, Anne of Austria was a member
of the House of Habsburg.

Love and Marriage

On May 31st. 1592, Anne of Austria became the first wife of
King Sigismund of Poland. They would have five children.
Only one child: Wladyslaw survived childhood.


In May 1592, Anne was crowned Queen of Poland by
Primas Karnkowski.

On February 19th. 1594, Anne was crowned Queen of Sweden
too. In Sweden, she had a conflict with the Dowager Queen,
Gunilla Bielke about religious reasons. Anne also accused the
Dowager Queen for taking valuable things from the palace.
Anne didn't like to show herself to the Swedish people, in her
eyes, they were rebels. She left Sweden in July 1594.


On February 10th. 1598, Anne of Austria died in Warsaw,
Poland. She was buried at the Wawel Cathedral in Kraków, Poland.

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