History - OnThisDay - August 5th. 1581 - Hedwig of Denmark

August 5th. 1581 marks the birth of Princess Hedwig of Denmark.
This took place at the Frederiksborg Palace in Denmark.


Princess Hedwig was the seventh child and fourth daughter of
King Frederick II of Denmark and his wife, Sophie of Mecklenburg-

Among the siblings of Princess Hedwig were inter alia:

- Princess Anne of Denmark (who became Queen Consort of England and

- King Christian IV of Denmark

Love and Marriage

On September 12th. 1602, Princess Hedwig of Denmark married
Christian II, Elector of Saxony in Dresden. Their marriage would be
childless and Christian II would die on June 23rd. 1611.


Although her husband died in 1611, she kept huge power. Her subjects
considered her as their sovereign instead of the new Elector. She could
maintain independence and she granted letters of free passage. This
was good for the commerce and the trade.

As sister of the Danish King Christian IV and sister-in-law of the
British, King James VI and I,  she used her important connections for the

She visited Denmark in 1631 (her mother's funeral) and in 1634
(her nephews, the Crown Prince's wedding).


Princess Hedwig of Denmark died on November 26th. 1641 at
Schloss Lichtenburg in Saxony (Germany).

She was buried in Freiberg, Saxony.

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