History - OnThisDay - August 9th. 1696 - Joseph Wenzel I, Prince of Liechtenstein

Joseph Wenzel was born on August 9th. 1696 in Prague.


His parents were Prince Philip Erasmus of Liechtenstein and
Countess Christina Theresa von Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rochefort.


Prince Joseph Wenzel entered the army. He firstly was a general and
a successful campaigner.In 1745 he became Generalissimo in Italy
and later, in 1753 he was made General Chief Commander in
Hungary. He also reorganized the Habsburg artillery.

Between 1735 and 1736 he was Imperial Envoy in Berlin and
he was Ambassador in Paris from 1712 till 1718.

Prince Joseph Wenzel also was a Knight in the Austrian order of
the Golden Fleece.

Love and Marriage

Prince Joseph Wenzel married on April 19th. 1718 to his cousin,
Princess Anna Maria Antonie of Liechtenstein. The couple would
have 5 children, who all died in childhood.


Joseph Wenzel died on February 10th. 1772 in Vienna (Austria).

Source picture: Wikpedia

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