Royal Destinations: Toy shop Hamleys in London

Say never it's just a Toy Shop to Hamleys. This amazing store is located on
Regent Street, London, United Kingdom.

Duchess and Duke of Cambridge, Prince of Wales and Prince William in Lego


* The shop was founded in 1760 in London and named after William Hamley.
* In 1881 the store moved to Regent Street.
* In 1938, Hamleys received a Royal Warrant from Queen Mary, the wife of
   King George V.
* Queen Elizabeth II also granted a Royal Warrant to Hamleys.
* In 2003 Hamleys was bought by the Baugur Group.

Royal Toy Horses


Nowadays there are shops in inter alia:

Mubai (India);
Moscow (Russia);
Kuala Lumpur;
Abu Dhabi;
Mexico City.

Big Ben in Hamleys

I visited Hamleys in April 2016. I was impressed by the size of the shop and
the beautiful things they sell. I also found the staff extremely friendly and

To know more

Check the company's site on this link.

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