History - OnThisDay - September 12th. 1652 - Frederick Charles, Duke of Württemberg-Winnental

Frederick Charles of Württemberg-Winnental was born on September 12th. 1652
in Stuttgart (now Germany).


His parents were Eberhard III, Duke of Württemberg-Winnental and
Anna Catharina von Salm-Kyrburg.

Love and Marriage

On October 31st. 1682, Frederick Charles of Württemberg-Winnental married
Eleonore Juliane of Brandenburg-Ansbach. They would have 7 children.


On November 26th. 1677 Frederick Charles of Württemberg-Winnental
acted as regent over Württemberg. This ended on January 16th. 1693,
when his nephew, Eberhard Louis reached his majority.

After his regency Frederick Charles of Württemberg-Winnental received
an amount of money and he was appointed as Generalfeldmarschall of
the Kaiser.

Frederick Charles fought against the French on the Rhine during the
Nine Years' War. He lost and he had to withdraw his army.
Several hundred men were killed or captured by the French.


In 1696 he fell ill of Syphilis. On December 20th. 1697
Frederick Charles, Duke of Württemberg-Winnental died.

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