History / OnThisDay - September 22nd. 1515 - Anne of Cleves, Queen of England in 1540

Anne of Cleves was born on September 22nd. 1515 in Düsseldorf, then a part
of the Holy Roman Empire, now located in Germany.


Her parents were John III, Duke of Cleves and Maria of Jülich-Berg.
Anne of Cleves grow up at Schloss Berg near Solingen.

Love and Marriage

On January 6th. 1540, King Henry VIII of England married
Anne of Cleves. When the King met his wife for the first time
he didn't like her at all!

Their marriage didn't last long. In July 1540, King Henry VIII asked for a
divorce. Anne received a lot of money and she could live in some mansions

Hever Castle;
Richmond Castle ...

Anne received the title: "Sister of the King". She was a welcome guest at
the Royal Court.


On July 16th 1557, Anne of Cleves died in England at the age of 41.
She was buried in Westminster Abbey.

Source picture: Wikipedia

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