History - OnThisDay - September 7th. 1683 - Maria Anna of Austria, Queen Consort of Portugal

September 7th. 1683 marks the birth of Maria Anna of
Austria. This took place in Linz.


Her parents were Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor and
Eleonor Magdalene of Neuburg.

Maria Anna was the sister of Joseph I and Charles VI,
both Holy Roman Emperors. She also was an aunt of
Maria Theresa, Austria's first Queen regnant.

Love and Marriage

On October 27th. 1708, Maria Anna of Austria married
John V, King of Portugal. They would have 6 children.


She was Queen Consort till July 31st. 1750, when her
husband died. Maria Anna even was regent during the
illness of her husband.

As Queen Consort and regent, she had great influence.
She liked to hold big parties and invited the nobility
for a magnificent festival.


Maria Anna died in the Palace of Belém on August 11th. 1754.
Her body was buried in Lisbon while her heart returned to the
imperial crypt in Vienna.

Source picture: Wikipedia

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