Royal Destinations : Coudenberg Palace - A Secret Palace in Brussels

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, really has a hidden gem. This is not the
Royal Palace, but without any doubts: the Coudenberg Palace.

The Coudenberg Palace certainly must have been a spectacular place
during the reign of the Dukes of Burgundy.

The Coudenberg Palace - How it once was - Source picture: Wikipedia

Maquette of the Coudenberg Palace - Own Picture

Philip the Good, gave the order to build new wings for this palace, he
also stipulated that the Palace Park should be redecorated. He even
built the Aula Magna, a gigantic room for Royal Receptions and other

Aula Magna - Palace Coudenberg - Brussels - Own Picture

One of the first regular meetings of the States General of the Burgundian
Netherlands were held at the Coudenberg Palace

Coudenberg Palace - Brussels - Own picture

Many important events of the Low Countries took place here. For example:
In 1515, Margaret of Austria released her duty of governor of the Netherlands.

Coudenberg Palace - Brussels - Own picture

On October 25th. 1555, Charles V abdicated in favor of his son, Philip II
at the Coudenberg Palace.

Coudenberg Palace - Brussels - Own picture

In the 17th. century, Archduchess Isabella and her husband Archduke Albert
established their court at the Coudenberg Palace. They restored the facade of
the Palace.

Isabella often went to the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula, Therefore
a street was named after her.

Coudenberg Palace - Isabella Street - then - own picture

This street is now also underground.

Coudenberg Palace - Isabella Street - own picture

On February 3rd. 1731, a fire destroyed a lot of the Palace. For more than 40
years there was a ruin on the location of the Coudenberg Palace.

In 1794, Charles Alexander of Lorraine, governor of the Austrian Netherlands,
proposed to cover the ruins with a Royal Square.

Coudenberg Square Brussels - own picture

On a rainy day, this underground Coudenberg Palace in Brussels, certainly is
worth a visit. It took a couple of hours to see everything.

For me the most beautiful thing is, that this palace already existed in 
the Middle Ages. 

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