Royal Destinations -- St. Rumbold's Cathedral in Mechelen - Belgium

St. Rumbold's Cathedral, in Mechelen, is one of the most iconic buildings
of Belgium. The cathedral also has a great history and even a huge art

St. rumbold's Cathedral - Mechelen - Belgium


The construction of St. Rumbold's started shortly after 1200 and it was
used as a church around 1312.

In 1342, a fire broke out and Jean d'Oisy managed the repairs in
High Gothic Style.

St. Rumbold's Cathedral wit Maria of Austria Statue in Mechelen

Between 1452-1520 the tower was built. Pilgrims financed it and later
the city of Mechelen did.

In 1559 the church became a cathedral.

The interior has a Baroque high altar and choir, as well as paintings made
by inter alia: Anthony van Dyck and Michiel Coxie.

Choir St. Rumbold's Cathedral

Some facts

The unfinished Tower of the St. Rumbold's Cathedral is now a
World Heritage monument.

It is 97,28 meters high and it counts 514 steps.
The carillon's set consists of 49 bells, all in working order.

St. Rumbold's Tower - Mechelen

Why is this cathedral a Royal destination?

In the past there were a lot of Royal visitors inter alia:

King Louis XV of France;
King Albert I of Belgium;
King Baudouin and his wife, Queen Fabiola.

In 1985, Pope John Paul II celebrated a mass at St. Rumbold's Cathedral.
He should have stated: ' Your tower isn't complete'.

Art -Painting of Michiel Coxie in the cathedral 

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