History - OnThisDay - October 2nd. 1452 - Richard III of England

October 2nd. 1452 marks the birth of Richard III of England. This took place
at Fotheringhay Castle in Northamptonshire.


He was a son of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York and Cecily Neville,
born at the beginning of the Wars of the Roses.


When he was eight years old, his father and elder brother, Edmund, Earl of
Rutland, were killed at the Battle of Wakefield (December 30th. 1460).

Richard and his older brother, George (later Duke of Clarence) were sent to
the Low Countries. They stayed in Utrecht under the careful eye of
Bishop David of Burgundy. Although they returned after the Battle of Towton.

In 1461, Richard's eldest brother was crowned as King Edward IV. At this
time Richard became Duke of Gloucester and he was made Knight of the
Garter and a Knight of the Bath. Edward appointed him as
Commissioner of Array for the Western Counties (he was 11 years old).

Richard spent several years under the tutelage of his cousin
Richard Neville, 16th. Earl of Warwick (also called the King Maker in the
Wars of the Roses).

In 1470, Richard and Edward were forced to flee to Burgundy. In 1468
Richard's sister Margaret had married Charles the Bold, the Duke of
Burgundy and the brothers were welcome there.

During his exile, Richard stayed in  Bruges with Louis de Gruthuse, who
had been the the Burgundian  Ambassador to Edward's court. He assisted
their return. On March 11th. 1471 they departed to England.

Love and Marriage

On July 12th. 1472, Richard married Anne Neville, the younger daughter
of the Earl of Warwick.

Richard and his wife Anne endowed King's College en Queens' College
at Cambridge University and made grants to the church.


On June 26th. 1483, Richard became King of England.


On August 22nd. 1485, Richard met the forces of Henry Tudor at the
Battle of Bosworth Field. During the battle King Richard III was wounded
and he died.

On August 24th. 2012 the University of Leicester and the Leicester City
Council in association with the Richard III Society, announced that they
had joined forces to begin a search for the remains of King Richard.

In 2013 the University of Leicester confirmed that they had found the
skeleton of King Richard III

More about the research and about Richard's Life

check link 1
check link 2

In 2015, King Richard III was reburied.

More about the reburial @ link 3 


King Richard III appeared in many works of literature. Inter alia in
Shakespeare Richardus Tertius (first known performance in 1580).

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