Royal Art - Bernard van Orley the court artist of the Habsburg rulers

Bernard van Orley - statue of a painter in
Brussels - Jardin du Petit Sablon 

One of the most productive and leading court painters of the
Habsburgs was Bernard van Orley (1487/1491 till January 6th. 1541).

During his life he painted on canvases, worked with tapestry and 
even on stained glass. 

Bernard van Orley was born and he died in Brussels, he also served
as commissioner of the arts for the Brussels town council. 

possible portrait of Bernard van Orley made by Albrecht Dürer: Wikipedia

On May 23rd. 1518, Bernard van Orley was appointed as the official 
court painter of the regent of the Netherlands: Margarete of Austria
Then he made inter alia  portraits of Emperor Charles V

This year I had the chance to visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels
where two of his portraits were shown

Bernard van Orley - Joris van Zelle

Bernard van Orley - Portrait of the secretary of Emperor Charles V

Nowadays his works are spread over the world inter alia at the

Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna (Austria)
Royal Museums of Fine  Arts in Belgium (Brussels and Antwerp)
Prado Museum in Madrid (Spain)

His tapestries:

National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., United States of America
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