Royal Art: Hans Memling - painter for the Burgundians and the Habsburgs

Hans Memling (sometimes referred as Memlinc) was born around 1430
in Selingenstadt near Frankfurt in the Middle Main region.

Memling - Shine of St. Ursula - Own Picture

Memling obtained his apprenticeship at Mains or Cologne. Later the
painter moved to the Low Countries. There, Memling worked with
Rogier van der Weyden in Brussels, Duchy of Brabant and at Bruges,
County of Flanders.

Memling -  Shrine of St. Ursula - Own picture

In 1477, Memling was wounded at the Battle of Nancy. Afterwards
the Hospitallers of Bruges took care about him. In 1479 and 1480
he painted this Hospitallers as a thank you.

Memling - Shrine of St. Ursula - Own picture

Memling worked for the Burgundian court and later for Archduke
Maximilian of Austria (Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I).

Memling died on December 10th. 1495 in Bruges.

Nowadays a lot of his work stays at the St. John Hospital in Bruges.
Famous works like:
Shrine of St. Ursula (see above), and the portrait of Sibylla Samatha.

Memling - Sibylla Samantha - Portrait of a young woman

Like other painters his works are spread into Europe inter alia:
- The Louvre (Paris);
- National Gallery (London)
- Uffizi Gallery in Florence (Italy)
- Alte Pinakotek in Munich (Germany).

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