Where Royals Like to Shop - Belgium - Flower Designer: Daniel Ost

Daniel Ost was born on May 8th. 1955 in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.
He became a real floral artist, floral designer and garden architect.
To know more about him, check his site on this link

Daniel Ost etalage in Sint-Niklaas - Own picture

He still has a shop in his hometown Sint-Niklaas. Although a lot
of Royals are fan of him.

Daniel Ost Etalage - own picture

Amazing flower 'projects'

On December 4th. 1999, Daniel Ost provided the flower decoration
at the wedding of, then, Prince Philippe of Belgium (now King of 
the Belgians) and Princess Mathilde.

In 2008, he decorated the opening of the museum of Islamic art in
Doha, Qatar. He also provided the flower decoration at the wedding
of the Crown Prince of Qatar.

Daniel Ost also is very famous in Japan. 

Daniel Ost garden with the Koi Fish

Coup de Ville

Every three years the art platform WARP organizes in the city of
Sint-Niklaas the Coup de Ville arts exhibition. The last edition took
place in September 2016. To know more, check this link.

This year people could visit inter alia the garden of the 
Daniel Ost shop. 
Daniel Ost Garden

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