History - OnThisDay- November 13th. 1801 - Amalie Auguste of Bavaria

November 13th. 1801 marks the birth of Amalie Auguste of Bavaria.
This took place in Munich, Bavaria.


Her parents were King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria and
Caroline of Baden. Amalie Auguste was the identical twin sister of
Elizabeth Louise, Queen of Prussia. She also was an aunt of Empress
Elisabeth of Austria, known as Sisi.

Love and Marriage

On November 22nd. 1822 Amalie Auguste married Prince John of

The royal couple would have 9 children.


In 1851 Amalie Auguste became chairman of Women's Association of
Dresden. This was founded by her sister (the former Queen of Saxony).

Amalie Auguste reorganized the foundation and the organization
continued till 1932!


Amalie Auguste died on November 8th. 1877 at the age of 75 in
Wachwitz, Dresden.

Source pictures: Wikipedia

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