History - OnThisDay - November 18th. 1774 - Friederike Louise Wilhelmine of Prussia, first Queen Consort of the Netherlands

November 18th. 1774 marks the birth of Friederike Louise Wilhelmine of
Prussia. This event took place in Potsdam (Germany).


Princess Wilhelmine was a daughter of King Frederick William II of Prussia
and Queen Frederica Louisa. Her education was dominated by the strict
regime of her great-uncle Frederick the Great. However there wasn't much
known about her youth.

Love and Marriage

On October 1st. 1791, Princess Wilhelmine married her cousin,
William of the Netherlands. He was the son of Stadtholder William V,
Prince of Orange. Their wedding took place in Berlin.

Their marriage was a part of an arranged wedding pact between the
House of Orange and that of Prussia.

It became a real love match and their marriage life was very happy.
They young couple lived at the Noordeinde Palace in The Hague.

They would have 6 children, only 3 of them would reach their


In 1815, Princess Wilhelmine became Queen of the Netherlands.
During those days, the Netherlands included what's nowadays the
country of Belgium.

Queen Wilhelmine was modest and she liked to stay in the background
so she didn't play a dominant role as queen. She wasn't popular.

Queen Wilhelmine also was criticized for her German style of

She liked to paint, as queen she attended exhibitions, protected
museums and supported artists.


In the 1820's, Queen Wilhelmine 's health worsened. After 1829
she was rarely seen in public.

Queen Wilhelmine died on October 12th. 1837 at Noordeinde
Palace in The Hague. She is entombed in the New Church in

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