History - OnThisDay - November 20th. 1627 - Charlotte, Landgravinne of Hesse Kassel

Charlotte of Hesse-Kassel was born on November 20th. 1627 as a daughter
of William V, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel and Amalie Elisabeth of Hanau

Love and Marriage

At Heidelberg Castle, Charlotte married on February 22nd. 1650 to her
cousin, Charles I Louis, Elector Palatine.

At the beginning everything went very well as Charles Louis started
with his task of providing the Palatinate with an heir.

According to Charles Louis' sister Sophia 'his passion had impaired his

Charlotte and Charles Louis didn't have the same interests. She loved
riding on a horseback, but her husband rejected that. She also loved
gambling which Charles Louis regarded as a waste of money.

In 1651 a son was born and in 1652 a daughter. Later a new woman
came to the court. This was Marie Luise von Degenfield. She would
become Charles Louis' mistress. Their relation started in 1658 and
they would have 13 children while he was still married to Charlotte.

Charlotte maintained that she was kept a prisoner in her apartments.
She beat her servants and they were dismissed.

Later Charles Louis divorced Charlotte but he kept this secret after
his sisters wedding.

Since her divorce Charlotte lived the next 23 years in obscurity.


Charlotte, Landgravinne of Hesse-Kassel died on March 26th. 1686
at Heidelberg.

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