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James Ensor (April 13th. 1860 - November 19th. 1949) lived in Ostend
and was a famous Belgian painter who had an important influence on
expressionism and surrealism.

James Ensor - Source picture: Wikipedia


His parents were James Frederic Ensor and Maria Catharina Haegheman.
James Frederic Ensor was born in Brussels of English parents. His mother
came from Ostend.


From 1877 till 1880, James Ensor attended the Académie Royale des
Beaux Arts in Brussels. Later Ensor traveled to France, the Netherlands
and he even made a four-day visit to London.


Initially, people found his works scandalous. However in 1895 one of his
paintings was bought by the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium in

Nowadays his works are spread over a lot of museums in the world.

Belgium: Brussels  Antwerp and Ostend.
United States of America: Museum of Modern Art in New York
France: Musée d'Orsay in Paris
Germany: The Wallraf Richartz Museum in Cologne.

James Ensor - Works - Book about Avant Garde

Royal Link

In 1929, King Albert granted the title Baron to James Ensor.

This summer there was an exhibition in the Royal Palace of Brussels
about Queen Elisabeth, the wife of King Albert of Belgium, and her
passion for art.

One of the objects that was shown was a written card of James Ensor
to Queen Elisabeth.

Card of James Ensor to Queen Elisabeth - Royal Palace in Brussels

In Ostend, Belgium, people still can visit the Ensor House, this is the
house where he lived and where his family had a little shop. See this link.

From October 29th. 2016 till January 29th. 2017 there is a exhibition in
the Royal Academy of Arts in London (United Kingdom).
The exhibition is called:
Intrigue: James Ensor by Luc Tuymans.
More information on this link.

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