OTD January 14th 1507 Catherine of Austria Queen of Portugal

January 14th. 1507 marks the birth of Catherine of Austria. This took place
in Torquemada, Spain.

Catherine with her brothers and sisters 
(she is the young lady at the right)


Catherine of Austria was the daughter of Philip I of Castile, also called the
handsome, and Joanna of Castile (the mad).

Catherine was thus a sister of:
Eleanor of Castile, Queen of Portugal and later Queen of France;
Holy Roman Emperor Charles V;
Isabella, Queen of Denmark, Norway and Sweden;
Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I;
Mary Queen of Hungary and Bohemia (later governor of the Netherlands).

Love and Marriage

On February 10th. 1525, Catherine married her first cousin,
King John of Portugal.

They would have 9 children, however only 2 survived childhood.


Catherine served as regent for Portugal between 1557 and 1562.

She also had one of the earliest and finest Chinese Porcelain collections
in Europe. First she collected it as younger sister of Charles V, later
as Queen of Portugal.


Catherine of Austria, Queen of Portugal died on February 12th. 1578
at the age of 71 in Lisbon.

Source pictures: Wikipedia

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