History - OnThisDay - March 31st. 1360 - Philippa of Lancaster, Queen of Portugal

Philippa of Lancaster was born on March 31st. 1360 in Leicester Castle,


Philippa was the oldest child of John of Gaunt, 1st. Duke of Lancaster and
Blance of Lancaster. They were members of the House of Plantagenet and
they founded the House of Lancaster.

Philippa 's siblings were inter alia:

- Elizabeth, Duchess of Exeter,
- Henry IV Bolingbroke, King of England.

Their Wedding 

Love and Marriage

Trough Philippa 's marriage to King John I of Portugal, she became
Queen Consort. The couple were blessed by the church in the
Cathedral of Porto on February 2nd. 1387 and their marriage took
place on February 14th. 1387. The Portuguese court celebrated this
Royal union for fifteen days!

This Royal Couple would have 9 children inter alia:

- Edward, King of Portugal,
- Henry, called the "Navigator",
- Isabella, who married Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy.


After her marriage she had a significant influence in both the
Portuguese and the English Courts. Philippa also was involved
in the world affairs.


At the age of 53, Philippa fell ill with the Plague.
About the King it was said that he was so grieved by her
mortal illness.

On July 19th. 1415, at the age of 55, Philippa died
at Sacavém, Portugal.

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