History - OnThisDay - March 4th. 1502 - Elisabeth of Hesse, Hereditary Princess of Saxony

Elisabeth of Hesse was born on March 4th. 1502 in Marburg, now
located in Germany.


Elisabeth 's parents were William II of Hesse and, his wife
Anna of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

Her brother was Philip I, Landgrave of Hesse.

Love and Marriage

Elisabeth's aunt (the sister of her mother Anna) was married to
Duke Henry IV of Saxony. Anna wanted to introduce Elisabeth
at the Saxon court.

Since a long time, Elisabeth had been promised to John, the
eldest son of George the Bearded.

On March 8th. 1515, Elisabeth and John were engaged, after
the Pope issued a dispensation (cause they were related to
each other).

From January 1519, Elisabeth lived permanent at the court in
Dresden. The marriage took place on 7 June 1519 in Kassel.


On January 11th. 1537, John died and Elisabeth moved to
her dominion Rochlitz. She also often is referred in literature
by the nickname of "Rochlitz".

From 1547, Elisabeth lived at the court in Hesse. There she
took care of the education of her brother 's children.


In 1556, Elisabeth fell seriously ill, therefore her brother set up
the first pharmacy in the city of Schmalkalden.

There Elisabeth died on December 6th. 1557. She was buried in
the St. Elisabeth's Church in Marburg. It was one of the last
Landgrave burials in the St. Elisabeth's Church.

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