Royal Art - Melchior Broederlam - court painter of Burgundy

Melchior Broederlam, who probably lived between 1350 and 1409,
certainly is worth to mention as a painter of Royal Art.

He was born Ypres (nowadays located in Flanders, Belgium)
and he became one of the Early Netherlands painters.

In the first years of his career, Melchior Broederlam even stayed in Italy.
There he was influenced by Trecento painting
(the beginning of the Renaissance in art).

Royal Links

Melchior Broederlam was appointed as court painter of
Louis II, Count of Flanders from 1381.

When Louis II, Count of Flanders died in 1384, Broederlam 's
career wasn't finished.

From then the painter worked for Louis 's son-in-law,
Philip the Bold, the first Valois Duke of Burgundy.

Melchior Broederlam even stayed at the Burgundian Court
during the reign of John the Fearless.

The ducal painter was last mentioned in the archives in 1409.


His only surviving works probably are two wings of an altar piece,
commissioned by Philip the Bold, for the charterhouse of
Champmol near Dijon. Dijon was then the capital of the
Duchy of Burgundy. 

Melchior Broederlam certainly influenced another, more famous,
court painter: Jan van Eyck.

Source paintings: Wikipedia

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