Royal Destinations - Old Royal Palace of Ostend, Belgium

The Old Palace of Ostend, was closely linked with the Royal Family
of Belgium.

Old Royal Palace in Ostend - own picture

It was in this residence that Louise of Orléans, the first Queen of
Belgium died on 11 October 1850.

death chamber of Queen Louise of Belgium
own picture taken in 2017

Some history

This residence in the Langestraat 69 in Ostend was bought by
Théodore van Moorsel.

Under the French occupation, this building was used as
headquarter for Emperor Napoleon.

In 1815, Théodore van Moorsel sold this house to Eduard Jean
Serruys. He rented it to King Leopold I of Belgium and his wife
Queen Louise of Orléans.

Flags of Belgium and Statue of King Leopold I
own picture taken in 2017

In 1867, King Leopold II of Belgium bought the house and he
stayed there sometimes during the winter months.

In 1922, it became a part of the Royal Trust of Belgium.
Nowadays it is open for public. It houses some museums.

Queen Louise of Belgium 

Besides its unique history, the Old Royal Palace of Ostend also has
a beautiful architecture.

Staircase of the Old Royal Palace of Ostend

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