OTD May 16th. 1926 Death of Sultan Mehmed VI of the Ottoman Empire

Mehmed VI was born on 14 January 1862, in Constantinople, then a part of the
Ottoman Empire.


His parents were Abdülmecid I and Gülüstü Hanim. They were members
of the House of Osman.

Coat of Arms of the House of Osman

Love and Marriage

Sultan Mehmed VI married five times and he had a lot of children, mostly


Sultan Mehmed VI reigned from 1918 till 1922.

The First World War was a disaster for the Ottoman Empire, they fought
on the side of Germany against Great Britain and others.

British and allied troops had conquered Baghdad, Damascus and
Jerusalem during the war and most of the Ottoman Empire was divided
among the European allies.

At the San Remo conference of April 1920, the French were granted the
mandate over Syria and the British received one over Palestine and

On August 10th. 1920, representatives from Sultan Mehmed VI signed the
Treaty of Sèvres.

However Turkish nationalists rejected the settlement. A new government,
called the Turkish Grand National Assembly under the leadership of
Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk) was formed on April 23rd. 1920 in Ankara.

The new government denounced the rule of Mehmed VI.

Mehmed VI with his exile

Exile and Death

The Grand Assembly of Turkey abolished the Sultanate on
November 1st. 1922. Mehmed was expelled from Constantinople. He left
his country on board of the British warship Malaya on November 17th.

He went to Malta, later Mehmed lived on the Italian Riviera.

Mehmed died on May 16th. 1926 in Sanremo Italy. He was buried at the
Tekkiye Mosque of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in Damascus.

Source pictures: Wikipedia

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