Royal Destinations - São Jorge Castle - Lisbon - Portugal

São Jorge Castle - Lisbon - Portugal

São Jorge Castle - Lisbon - Portugal

On one of my recent trips, I visited the São Jorge Castle in, Lisbon, Portugal.
This Moorish Castle on top of the hill is an important tourist site of the
Portuguese capital.

Entrance tickets of the São Jorge Castle

The main entrance is a 19th. century gate surmounted with the coat-of-arms of
Queen Maria II of Portugal and 1896.

Main Entrance São Jorge Castle - Lisbon - Portugal

However the other entrances are also very beautiful

entrance and stairs of São Jorge - Lisbon

Royal History of the São Jorge Castle in Portugal

In 1147 the castle and the city of Lisbon were freed from Moorish rule
by Alfonso Henriques.

When Lisbon became the capital in 1255 the castle served as the alcáçova,
a fortified residence for King Alfonso III.

São Jorge Castle Portugal - Flags 

It was highly renovated around 1300 by King Denis I. Then it was
transformed from a Moorish Castle to a Royal Residence.

Between 1373 and 1375, King Ferdinand I ordered the building of the
Cerca Nova, the walled compound that enclosed the entirety of the castle.

Master builders João Fernades and Vasco Brás were responsible for the

São Jorge Castle - Lisbon 

During the 14th. century the castle resisted the forces of Castile
for several times. It was during this period that the castle was dedicated
to St. George by King John I, who had married an English princess:
Philippa of Lancaster.

São Jorge Castle - Lisbon - Portugal

In 1498, the castle was the place-to-be for a royal reception held for
Vasco da Gama, when he returned home after discovering the maritime
route to India.

In the 16th. century the São Jorge Castle became to lose its

In 1755, the Lisbon earthquake severely damaged the castle.

The visit

For me it was a very interesting visit, the São Jorge Castle offers an
amazing view over Lisbon.

view over Lisbon - São Jorge Castle

View from the São Jorge Castle 

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