History - On This Day - 9 June 1082 - Emperor Huizong of Song was born in China

Emperor Huizong of Song was born on 9 June 1082 in China.


Emperor Huizong was born as the 11th. son of Emperor Shenzong.
He ascended the throne in 1100 upon the death of his elder brother,
Emperor Zhezong.


Emperor Huizong was a cultured leader who spent much of his time
admiring the arts. He was a collector of paintings, calligraphy and
antiques from previous dynasties, He owned huge collection of each for his

He wrote poems of his own, created his own calligraphy and style.
The emperor also had interests in architecture and garden design and
he even wrote treatises on medicine and Taoism.

He is even considered as one of the greatest Chinese artists of all time.


In 1126, the Jurchen-led Jin dynasty invaded the Song dynasty during the
Jin-Song Wars.

Emperor Huizong abdicated and passed on his throne to his eldest son,
Emperor Qinzong. He received the title "Retired Emperor".

The next year, the Song capital was conquered by Jin forces and
the family of the Song emperors was taken captive.

In 1128, the Jurchen ruler, Emperor Taizon, gave Emperor Huizong
the name "Besotted Duke" to humiliate him.


Emperor Huizong of Song died on 4 June 1135 after spending, around
nine years in captivity.

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