History - On This Day - June 12th. 1564 - John Casimir of Saxe-Coburg

John Casimir of Saxe-Coburg was born at the Grimmenstein Castle in Gotha
(now located in Germany) on 12 June 1564.

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John Casimir was the middle of three sons of John Frederick II, Duke of Saxony
and his wife Countess Palatine Elisabeth of Simmern-Sponheim.

He was thus a member of the Ernestine branch of the House of Wettin.

Early life

On 15 April 1567, his father lost his dominions and freedom due to
sanctions of the Holy Roman Empire.

The boys and their mother went to the court of their uncle John William
in Weimar and finally to Eisenberg in Thuringia.

In 1570, the Diet of Speyer restored to the brothers the rights and
privileges of their father. On 5 December 1572, John Casimir and
one of his brothers moved to Coburg.

Between 1578 and 1581, John Casimir studied at the
University of Leipzig.

Love and Marriage

On 6 May 1584, John Casimir became engaged with Anna, the daughter
of Augustus of Saxony. The two were married on 16 January 1586 in

Duke John Casimir divorced from his first wife due to adultery and
then he kept her captive until her death at the Veste.

In 1599 he married Margaret, the daughter of William, Duke of

part of the Ehrenburg Castle - Coburg - Germany


In 1596, the brothers divided their Principality in two. John Ernest was
given the Principality of Saxe-Eisenach and Casimir reigned alone in

Under John Casimir, Coburg flourished. He ordered to rebuild many
of the family dominions for example:
Schloss Ehrenburg, Veste Coburg and many more.

He issued to order to establish the State Lutheran Church with the
Duke as summus. This tactic was later adopted by many of the
Thuringian states.

Duke Casimir managed to remain neutral in the Thirty Years War
until 1631. Then he joined the Protestant side under Sweden.

During his reign there were lots of witch trials and burnings.
He allowed 178 witch trials to proceed!


Duke John Casimir died on 16 July 1633 in Coburg. He is buried
in the Morizkirche at Coburg.

The Duke had no children, his inheritance fell to his brother,
John Ernst of Saxe-Eisenach.

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