Royal Art : Hugo van der Goes - Artist at the Burgundian Court

Hugo van der Goes, who lived between 1430/1440 and 1482 in the
Low Countries, was one of the most significant and original
Flemish painters of the late 15th. century.


Hugo van der Goes was born in or around Ghent, but nothing is known
about his life before 1467.

In 1467 he became a master in the painter's guild of Ghent. His sponsors
were Joos van Wassenhove, master painter in Ghent, and Daneel Ruthaert.

In 1468 Hugo van der Goes was asked by the city of Ghent to execute some
works in connection with the grant of the Great Indulgence of the city.

On 18 October 1468, he and other members of the Ghent's painters
guild hosted painters from Tournai to celebrate St. Luke's day together and
St. Luke was the patron saint of the painters.

At the Burgundian Court

In 1468 Hugo van der Goes was also in Bruges, there he made the decorations
for the wedding of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy and Margaret of York,
sister of the King of England.

From 1474 till 1476 the artist was asked for making an Altarpiece for Tommaso
Portinari, he was the ducal Medici envoy at Bruges. Portinari also was one of
the advisers of Charles the Bold.


At the peak of his career in 1477, van der Goes suddenly decided to close his
workshop in Ghent to become a frater conversus at the monastic community
of the Rood Klooster near Auderghem (now a part of Brussels).

There van der Goes received visits from important people inter alia of
Archduke Maximilian of Austria (the later Holy Roman Emperor).


Hugo van der Goes left us many works, they are spread around the world.
There are paintings from him in:
- Gemäldegalerie in Berlin (Germany);
- Groeningenmuseum in Bruges  (Belgium);
- Uffizi in Florence (Italy);
- Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna (Austria);
- St. Salvator's Cathedral in Bruges (Belgium):
- Walters Art Museum in Baltimore (USA);
- Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (USA);
- National Gallery of Edinburgh, Scotland
- National Gallery of London (Great Britain)

Source pictures: Wikipedia

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