Dom Hotel in Cologne Germany

Near the Dom in Cologne, Germany, there is a very striking landmark:
the Dom-Hotel.

The Dom-Hotel is one of the eldest Grand Hotels in Europe.

Dom Hotel Cologne, Germany - own picture taken in 2004


The first Hotel du Dome was established by Ignace Theodor Metz
(1819-1880) and it was opened in 1866.

The current building dates from 1893. During World War II it was heavily
destroyed and afterwards it was rebuilt.

The Dom-Hotel was a member of the Méridien-Hotels for many years, in
2012 it was sold. At the moment it is a member of the Althoff hotel chain.

Royal links

Before the first Hotel du Dome was established, there was a big
ballroom in the building. There a huge ball was held for the Swedish
Crown Prince (who became later King Charles XIV John of Sweden).
He had his headquarters nearby.

In 1880, Theodor Metz died and his son Friedrich August Metz
inherited the Hotel du Dome. Between 1890 and 1893 a big renovation
took place.

The re-opening of the new Dom-Hotel took place on 15 April 1893.

Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany was a regular guest.
Even Mata Hari had in 1916 an espionage meeting at the Dom-Hotel in

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