Historical Hotels - Hotel Sacher in Vienna, Austria, a great place for royals, artists and diplomats

hotel Sacher Vienna - own picture taken in 2011
Hotel Sacher, Vienna, Austria - picture taken in 2011

A five star hotel, which is of course a part of the Leading Hotels in the World,
located in the Inner Stadt of Vienna, near the Vienna State Opera ...
that is all applicable to Hotel Sacher.

Hotel Sacher also is famous for the specialty of the house: the Sachertorte,
a chocolate cake with apricot filling.

Some History

In 1876, the hotel was founded by the restaurateur and purveyor to the court
Eduard Sacher (1843-1892).

In 1880, Eduard Sacher married Anna Fuchs (1859-1930). She became the
managing director after his death and she soon earned a good reputation for
her commercial skills and her eccentricity.  Under her management, the
Hotel Sacher became one of the finest hotels in the world, it became a
meeting place of aristocracy and diplomats as well.

After World War I, Anna held the upper-class reputation of the hotel,
however this led to financial problems and the change of ownership
in the 1930's.

In 1934, the Gürtler family bought Hotel Sacher and the building was
intensively renovated.

On 4 August 1947, two suitcase bombs exploded in the hotel,
a terrorist group claimed the responsibility for the bombing.

Hotel Sacher around 1900 - Source picture: Wikipedia

Famous guests of Hotel Sacher

- Emperor Franz Joseph;
- King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson;
- Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip;
- Prince Rainier III of Monaco and Grace Kelly;
- President John F. Kennedy;
- Romy Schneider, stayed at Hotel Sacher during the shooting of Sissi in 1955;
- John Lennon and Yoko Ono gave a press conference in the hotel in 1969.

Films about Hotel Sacher

- Hotel Sacher from Erich Engel
- Hallo... Hotel Sacher, Austrian TV series
- Das Sacher, in bester Gesellschaft, TV series from 2016 mentioned by Lisi
  (@EmpressofHAB ) on Twitter

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