OTD 10 July 1638 Royal painter David Teniers III

On 10 July 1638, David Teniers III was baptized in Antwerp (now located in Belgium).
Then it was a part of the Spanish Empire as the Habsburg Netherlands.

David Teniers III learned to draw from his father


David Teniers III was a member of a famous family of painters. He was the son
of David Teniers the younger and a grandson of David Teniers the elder.

David Teniers the younger and his children inter alia 
David Teniers III 

On 4 April 1671 he married to Anna Maria Bonnarens. The couple had 5 children
and one of the boys became a painter too.

Around 1675 the family moved to Brussels. He died in 1685.

The Family of David Teniers III

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Between 1661 and 1663, David Teniers III traveled to Madrid, where he
worked for King Philip IV of Spain.


David Teniers III had many works who are spread around the wide world.
There are many works of him in Madrid, Museo Del Prado and
in the Louvre in Paris, France.

Landscape of David Teniers

Source pictures: Wikipedia

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