History - On This Day - 23 July 1301 - Duke Otto of Austria

On 23 July 1301, Otto IV, the Merry, was born in Vienna, Austria.
He was a member of the House of Habsburg and a Duke of Austria and
Styria as well as Duke of Carinthia. He ruled together with his elder 
brother Duke Albert II.


Otto was the youngest son of King Albert I of Germany and
Elizabeth of Carinthia, a member of the House of Gorizia - Tyrol. 

Otto 's elder brothers were:
Rudolf III (who became King of Bohemia in 1306)
Frederick the Fair (elected King of the Romans in 1314)
Duke Leopold I of Austria
Duke Albert II of Austria

Love and Marriage

In those days there were huge struggles between members of the
House  of Habsburg and the House of Wittelsbach (Bavaria). For
improving this, Otto married Elizabeth of Wittelsbach, a daughter
of Duke Stephen I of Bavaria.  They had two children:

- Frederick II
- Leopold II

He also had 4 illegitimate sons:

- Otto
- Leopold
- Johann
- Leopold


In 1327, Otto founded the Neuberg Abbey in Styria on the occasion
of the birth of his first son Frederick II. He also founded the
Chapel of Saint George in the Augustinian Church in Vienna.

From 1329, Otto ruled his the Habsburg possessions in Swabia (further

Otto also developed close ties with the mighty House of Luxembourg.
He married secondly Anna of Bohemia, daughter of King John the Blind and
sister of the future emperor Charles V.  Anne died on 3 September 1338.


Otto died on 17 February 1339 at the age of 37 at Neuberg Abbey. His sons
died shortly afterwards and the line became extinct.

Source pictures: Wikipedia

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