Royal Destination - Palau Nacional of Barcelona

The Palau Nacional (the Catalan word for National) really is surprising and
very beautiful.

Palau Nacional - Barcelona - Spain

It has a ground surface of 32,000 square meter and the building has a
rectangular floor plan flanked by two sides and one rear square section with
a dome in the middle.

Some building history

On 18 July 1924, the engineer Marià Rubió i Bellver, launched
a competition of projects. The participation was open to all Spanish architects
who could present an individual project or one together with the proposal of a
construction company.

In January 1925, there were nine successful projects. Finally the winning
proposal was that of Eugenio Cendoya and Enric Catà.

The Palau Nacional has an amazing Spanish Renaissance architecture with
an air of academic classicism.

Palau Nacional - own picture

The building has two floors, the dome looks like that of the St. Paul's in
London or that of the St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.

Some Royal History

In 1929 the inauguration of the Exhibition took place. King Alfonso XIII
went to the opening.

In 2000 a severe renovation of the palace took place. After the renovation,
the official opening ceremony was attended by King Juan Carlos I of Spain
and Queen Sofia. This happened on 16 December 2004.

Palau Nacional - Barcelona - own picture

Nowadays it is a National Art Museum.

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