OTD 21 August 1862 Opening City Park in Vienna Austria

On 21 August 1862, the opening of the Wiener Stadtpark took place.

Some Royal History

In 1857, Emperor Franz Joseph issued a decree to order the demolition of the
old city walls and moats. He also ordered to make a brand new Boulevard in
Vienna, with new buildings and parks. This new area would be a showcase for
the grandeur of the Habsburg Empire.

The City Park of Vienna, called the Wiener Stadtpark in German, is a large
public park that extends from the Ring Road in the Innere Stadt up the the
Heumarkt (Hay Market) . The Park had a area of 65,000 square meters and
there are a lot of statues of famous Viennese artists and composers like inter alia:
Johann Strauss II, Franz Schubert and Anton Bruckner.

The park was designed in the style of English gardens and it became the first
public park in Vienna.

It also has a Kursalon, a spa pavilion in which mineral water with healing
properties was served. The current Kursalon was built between 1865 and

During World War II, the building was heavily damaged. After the reconstruction
it now serves as restaurant. It is also used for balls, concerts, nightclub events and

Source pictures: Wikipedia

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