History - On This Day - 22 August 1787 - Christian Friedrich, Baron Stockmar

On August 22nd. 1787, Christian Friedrich Stockmar was born in Coburg.


He became the personal physician of Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
in 1816. That year the German Prince married Princess Charlotte of the
United Kingdom, the only child of King George IV. Princess Charlotte died,
when she gave birth to a stillborn son about a year later.

Stockmar stayed in service of Prince Leopold as a private secretary,
comptroller of the household and political adviser.

King Leopold I of Belgium - painting in the Royal Palace of Brussels
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In 1828, one of his cousins, Caroline "Lina" Bauer, an actress, became the
mistress of his master. She was brought to England together with her mother
but the affair ended and she returned to Germany to the theater. Later she
claimed that she had a morganatic marriage with Leopold but there was never
an evidence for such a marriage.

In 1831, Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha became King of the Belgians.
From then up, Stockmar took up residence in Coburg. He continued to be the
adviser of King Leopold.

In 1837 he was sent by the King of Belgium to England to serve as adviser to
Queen Victoria. When she married Leopold's nephew Prince Albert, Stockmar
became their adviser. He intervened in several crises and was responsible for
the education of the future King Edward VII.

In 1848 he was made ambassador of the Duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to the
parliament of the German confederation.

He was raised to the rank of baron by the King of Saxony.


Stockmar died at Coburg on 9 July 1863.

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