OTD 25 August 1786 - Ludwig I of Bavaria

Ludwig I of Bavaria, also called Louis I in English, was born on
25 August 1786 in Strasbourg, France.

King Ludwig I - statue - own picture taken in 2014

He was the son of Count Palatine Maximilian Joseph of Zweibrücken,
who later became King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria, and his wife
Augusta Wilhelmine of Hesse-Darmstadt. King Ludwig I of Bavaria
was the godson and namesake of King Louis XVI of France.

On 1 January 1806 his father became King of Bavaria.


Ludwig studied in Landshut, where he was educated by Johann Michael

Love & Marriage

Ludwig married Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on 12 October 1810. This
wedding was the occasion of the first ever Oktoberfest. The couple would
have 9 children.

He also had extramarital affairs and was one of the lovers of Lady Jane Digby,
Marianna Marquesa Florenzi. His famous affair with Lola Montez caused a
huge scandal in Bavaria.


On 13 October 1825 Ludwig became King of Bavaria. His rule was strongly
effected by his enthusiasm for the arts, women and by his assertiveness.

He was interested in the German Middle Ages. He ordered a re-erection
of several monasteries in Bavaria which were closed before.
He re-introduced the old names: Upper Bavaria, Swabia, Palatinate etc ...

He moved the Ludwig-Maximilians University from Landshut to Munich
in 1826. He also encouraged Bavaria's industrialization. He initiated the
Ludwig Canal.

On 4 March 1848, a large crowd stormed the Munich Residenz. Ludwig
abdicated on 20 March 1848 in favor of his eldest son, Maximilian.

King Ludwig I of Bavaria - own picture taken in 2014


On 29 February 1868, he died at Nice in France at the age of 81.


Ludwig patronized the arts and he ordered many neoclassical buildings in
Munich inter alia the Old and New Pinakothek, the Glyptothek and many

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