History - On This Day - 2 August 1696 - Mahmud I - Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

Mahmud I was born on 2 August 1696 at the Edirne Palace in Edirne,
then a part of the Ottoman Empire, now located in north western


He was the son of Mustafa II and Saliha Sabkati Valide Sultan.
Mahmud I was the older brother of Osman III.


In September 1730, a small group of Janissaries aroused some of
the citizens of Constantinople who opposed the reforms of
Ahmet III.

There was a riot at the Topkapi Palace and Ahmet III agreed that his
nephew Mahmud would become the new sultan.

Mahmud I was recognized as sultan by the mutineers and by the
court officials as well.

Mahmud I reigned from 1730 till his death in 1754. This period
was dominated by wars with Persia, Austria and Russia.

Mahmud I entrusted the government to his viziers and spent much
of his time composing poetry.


Mahmud I died on 13 December 1754 at the Topkapi Palace in

Source picture: Wikipedia
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