Arenberg Castle near Louvain Belgium

Arenberg Castle near Louvain, Belgium

The Arenberg Castle really is a must see near Louvain in Belgium. It has everything:
beauty and a rich, royal history.

Arenberg Castle Entry - own picture taken in 2017
Some royal history

Since the 12th. century, at the site of the castle there already was a domain of the
Lords of Heverlee. However this family became poorer and in 1445 it was bought
by the mighty Croÿ family. The Croÿ family came into power under the reign of
the Dukes of Burgundy.

The most well known member of this powerful family was William of Croÿ. He was
the chief tutor and first chamberlain of emperor Charles V.

William of Croÿ painted by Quenten Matsys 
Source picture: Wikipedia

Under this William of Croÿ, the works of the castle were completed.

Arenberg Castle buildings near Louvain, Belgium - own picture taken in 2017

Charles III of Croÿ was the last duke of the Croÿ family and after his death in 1612,
the Arenberg family inherited this amazing building.

In 1783, the first manned gas balloon took off from the front lane of the castle. The
balloonist was professor Jan Pieter Minckeleers.

Before the First World War, the Duke of Arenberg wanted to sell the castle and its
surroundings to the Catholic University of Louvain. However this plan never was
worked out.

Arenberg Castle tower - own picture taken in 2017

During the World War, Arenberg Castle was occupied by Germans.
After World War I,the castle was seized by the Belgian government
because of the close connection of the Arenberg family with the
German and even the Austrian-Habsburg Empire.

In 1921 the Arenberg Castle was bought by the Catholic University of Louvain.
Nowadays the castle houses the Faculty of Engineering, it also houses lecture rooms
and studies for the Department of Architecture, Urbanism and Urban Planning.

Arenberg Castle and park near Louvain Belgium - own picture taken in 2017

Currently, the Castle itself is not open for public unless you are a student, but you can
visit the courtyard, and the pleasing park around. It really is worth to visit.

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