History / On This Day - 12 October 1894 - Elisabeth of Romania

On 12 October 1894 a royal princess was born in Sinaia, Romania.
The girl received the name: Elisabeth Charlotte Josephine Alexandra Victoria.


Her parents were Ferdinand I of Romania and Marie of Edinburgh.
Marie of Edinburgh was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.
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Elisabeth of Romania was raised by her grand-uncle King Carol I of Romania
and his wife Queen Elisabeth.

Love and Marriage

On 27 February 1921, Elisabeth of Romania married Prince George of Greece.
The wedding took place in Bucharest with a lavish ceremony. Shortly after this
marriage, Elisabeth's brother, Carol, married George's younger sister, Princess
Helen of Greece.


In Greece, Elisabeth had many difficulties integrating into the royal family and
her relation with Queen Sophia, the mother of Prince George, was awkward.
Her in-laws regularly spoke Greek in her presence which she didn't understand.

Due to the Greek-Turkish war, Elisabeth quickly understood that her space was
limited in her new country. However she integrated in the Red Cross. As Crown
Princess of Greece, she liked gardening, painting and drawing and she produced
some books. She also studied modern Greek.

Besides the difficulties that her new role brought, the Crown Princess had a
miscarriage during an official trip to Smyrna. Afterwards she became sick with
typhoid, pleurisy and a depression. She found refuge with her family in Bucharest.

Queen of the Hellenes

On 27 September 1922, Prince George became King after the abdication of
King Constantine I. The new King had no power, he and his queen were
unable to resolve the problems of the country.

In October 1923, after an attempted monarchist coup d'état the situation of the
Royal Couple worsened.

On 25 March 1924, the proclamation of the Second Hellenic Republic took

In Exile

George II and Elisabeth moved to Bucharest where they lived in a wing of the
Cotroceni Palace. Later the couple moved to a modest Villa.

In May 1935, Elisabeth heard from a Greek diplomat that the restoration of the
monarchy in Greece was a fact. Frightened by this news, Elisabeth launched
divorce proceedings without telling her husband.

In 1947, Elisabeth was forced to leave her homeland, Romania, when the
country became a republic. She moved to Switzerland and later she moved to
Cannes in France.


She died at Cannes on 14 November 1956 at the age of 62.

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