Royal Destination - Columbus Monument in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

On 12 October 1492, Christopher Columbus made landfall in the Caribbean.
So, October can be called Columbus' month.

One of the most beautiful monuments to remember his first voyage can be
found in Barcelona, at the end of the Ramblas
and the beginning of the harbor.

Columbus monument - Barcelona  own picture taken in 2016

The monument serves as reminder that Christopher Columbus came to Barcelona
to report King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile about his first

King Fernando and Queen Isabella - Source picture: Wikipedia

The monument is a column of 40 meters height.
It was said that Christopher Columbus 
was looking to the new world.

royal shield on the Columbus Monument - own picture taken in 2016
However it is more likely that Christopher Columbus was looking to the sea to 
undertake a new adventure.

Columbus monument - Barcelona - own picture taken in 2016

The idea of a monument arose in 1856 from Antoni Fages i Ferrer. He proposed
that the construction of the Columbus Column should be entirely Catalan. 

Finally in 1881, the city of Barcelona agreed to build the monument, a contest
was held for Spanish artists. Most of the money was raised privately, only 12%
came from public sources. 

The construction started in 1882 and was finished in 1888.

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