Royal shopping: Purveyor to the Royal Court of Belgium: Coffee F. Rombouts

In 1896, Frans Rombouts founded a coffee brewing company to make his own
coffee. It would be the start of a remarkable successful story.

On the occasion of the World Exposition of 1958, Rombouts invented the
coffee filter. This became a commercial success in 1964.

Rombouts Coffee Belgium  - own picture taken in 2017

The triumph of the company was followed by the Royal Court of Belgium. In
1966, Rombouts was appointed as purveyor to the Belgian Royal Court.

Rombouts Coffee - purveyor to the Belgian Royal Court

In 1968 the company enlarged by buying the French Firm Malongo. Since 1989
Rombouts Coffee's headquarters are located in Aartselaar in the province of

Queen Fabiola and King Baudouin of Belgium

Nowadays the firm has branches in 35 countries. It employs 150 employees and
has a revenue of 155 million euros. It is being led by Xavier Rombouts,
great-grandson of founder Frans Rombouts.

In Belgium, not only cookie maker Delacre produces tin cans. Rombouts coffees
also had some.

On this tin can, the link between the Belgian Royal Family and Rombouts coffee was
shown clearly, with lovely pictures of King Baudouin of Belgium and his wife Queen

Queen Fabiola and King Baudouin of Belgium

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