OTD November 19th. National Day of Monaco

Monaco Princely Palace- own picture taken in 2013

During the reign of Prince Albert II of Monaco, November 19th. was declared
as the National Day of Monaco.

Prince Albert of Monaco and Princess Charlene
The National Day, also called the Sovereign Prince's Day traditionally is
determined by the ruling prince. The previous rulers often chose their
name day as the National Day.

It was Prince Rainier III, who chose 19 November as the National Day.
Prince Albert II wanted to continue the celebrations on this day.

Monaco Princely Palace - own picture taken in 2013

Of course the main celebrations take place in front of the Princely Palace in
Monaco (see pictures).

However there also will be a mass in the St. Nicolas Cathedral.

St. Nicolas Cathedral

In the evening before the National Day of Monaco there are huge
fireworks in the harbor of Monaco.

One of Monaco's Harbors - taken in 2013

Happy National Day Monaco!

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